About Us

Prepdog.com is the brainchild of three junior high school teachers working in the Boise School District in Boise, Idaho, Rob Blaine, Brian Hunicke (former co-founder now working for Basin School District), and Paul Zimmerebner.   After No Child Left Behind was introduced, the pressure to bring every student to a proficient level increased dramatically. Prepdog.com is designed as an additional tool to help students increase their scores by becoming familiar and comfortable with standardized online testing. Being teachers, Rob, Brian, and Paul knew that teachers have limited funds to spend on expensive online testing sites, so they made Prepdog.org free for anyone in the world to use.

Brian, Paul and Rob then realized that as useful as the free Prepdog.com site was, teachers need to be able to gather more data for their own teacher preparation and to satisfy many district’s reporting requirements.  Hence, “The Teacher Package” was born.   The objective was to deliver a quality product to every classroom at a very reasonable price for our teachers.  The Teacher Package brings Common Core based, on-line quizzes to the classroom with a powerful reporting system that teachers can use to evaluate and adjust their teaching to student’s needs. 

Skilled teachers were employed to write questions to the Common Core specifically and we are committed to adding questions on a regular basis as resources become available.  The long-term goal is to have up to 100 Common Core questions per standard.   In addition, plans are underway to have tutorial videos added to the site so students can independently re mediate any problems they may be experiencing.   

The Prepdog folks were committed to providing a valuable and useful tool for teachers that was affordable.  We have been in education for a combined 50 plus years.  We are aware of the difficulties that teachers face on a daily basis.  We are also aware that in this data-driven world, teachers need something simple and easy that will gather that data for use in planning and reporting.  That mission drives us to spend countless hours (while still teaching) and many thousands of dollars (all our own) in making the Prepdog.com Package a reality.  Unfortunately, we have run out of funding.  If you would like to help enhance this project and take it to the next level let us know, otherwise, the project is going to have to go dormant until further funding is obtained.


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